Partner & Consultant Solicitor - Advocate

Location(s): Carter Lane

Phone: 020 3004 5472

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Kishan offers legal services in commercial, corporate, employment/HR, dispute resolution and mediation. Kishan is a Solicitor-Advocate and a Mediator and was also called to the Bar in 2012. Kishan leads a team of lawyers/sub-consultants and assists them with business development and training.  

Employment Law:

Kishan is an employment law specialist and advises companies on employee contracts, HR procedures and staff handbooks.

Kishan also represents both employees and employers at the Employment Tribunal on a range of employment disputes, and has vast experience with discrimination matters.

Dispute Resolution/Litigation:

Kishan represents clients in both civil and commercial disputes, including breach of contract, debt recovery and complex partnership and shareholder disputes often with an international element. 


Kishan is an Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator and mediates commercial, civil and workplace disputes. Kishan can be instructed as a Mediator with flexible fixed-fee rates.

Corporate Law:

Kishan has vast experience with Mergers and Acquisitions and drafting of company documentation such as shareholder agreements and articles of association.

Commercial Law:

Kishan has significant experience in drafting complex commercial agreements, including supplier level agreements, loan agreements and terms of business.



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