Location(s): London Bridge

Phone: 020 3551 8421

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Laura is a solicitor specialising in Extradition and Criminal Law. She is hugely passionate about protecting and upholding people’s human rights and ensuring that her client’s interests are protected. No stone is left unturned in preparing her client’s defence and ensuring her clients are properly represented.

Laura has experience in complex and high-profile extradition cases dealing with a full spectrum of issues focusing particularly on human rights arguments in cases both in the Magistrates Court and at the High Court at the Royal Courts of Justice. She has experience in both Part 1 Extradition requests and Part 2 requests and was involved in the first ever litigated extradition request from Nigeria.

Laura also undertakes work on a variety of criminal cases ranging from simple motoring offences to more complex cases involving drugs, violent crimes, serious sexual offence cases, people trafficking and complex fraud cases.

The challenges that Laura’s job presents and the fact that every client’s case is different is one of the many reasons why she loves what she does. Extradition/Criminal proceedings can be life-changing and this is something that is fully understood and appreciated by Laura and why she devotes so much to every one of her clients.


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