Location(s): Westminster

Phone: 020 3551 8308

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Ruta is passionate, proactive and flexible solicitor advocate practicing criminal defence and extradition law for over 11 years.

Ruta enjoys challenges and is not afraid to take on responsibilities. Ruta always reaches the highest standards working independently and as part of the team. Ruta maintains excellent relations with clients, colleagues, barristers, experts, judges, and foreign lawyers using their experience to help her to deliver the best results possible to her clients.

Ruta is an expert extradition lawyer with an excellent track record. Ruta has represented clients facing extradition requests from jurisdictions worldwide including USA, Canada, Brazil, Russia and numerous states throughout the EU.

Ruta has cemented her reputation as a skilful and knowledgeable advocate and she has proven herself, dealing with the most difficult criminal cases and clients in both courts. She has extensive experience representing clients in both the Magistrates and Crown Court and significant experience in conducting criminal trials. Her case preparation is strategic and meticulous and her advocacy is persuasive, from making legal arguments and submissions to effective cross examination and speeches.

Ruta is a native speaker in Russian and Lithuanian.


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