Partner & Notary Public

Location(s): Warrington

Phone: 020 3540 4444

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Stephen works in the Commercial, Civil Litigation and Employment Team. He is also a 'Notary Public', was appointed a Deputy District Judge in 2013 and is authorised to sit in the Business and Property Courts in 2020. 

Stephen specialises in commercial and corporate disputes, including shareholder claims, warranty claims arising out of business and share sales and negligence claims against professionals. 

He has wide experience of High Court Property litigation, ranging from actions for specific performance or damages arising frm property sales to claims for statutory compensation in the Lands Tribunal. 

He is also an experienced employment lawyer, acting predominately for employers in employment tribunals and civil courts with particular expertise in the drafting and enforcement of restrictive covenants and the protection of trade and commercial secrets. 

As a Norary Public, he is a full member of the Notaries Society and provides a wide range of notarial services for individuals and businesses in Warrington and the wider North West region.



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