Solicitor Theodora Michaeloudis talks Client Care


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Mon 2 July 2018 Solicitor Theodora Michaeloudis talks Client Care

Recently Caroline Houghton, Head of Customer Experience at Taylor Rose TTKW, blogged about delivering excellent customer service. In today's blog Senior Associate Solicitor Theodora Michaeloudis follows that up by sharing her views on what client care means to her. 

Over the years one thing has always remained the focal point to me, and that is the service which I can provide to my clients. As a property expert I have seven critical points when servicing my clients, although these are obviously equally important across all the services Taylor Rose TTKW provides. 

1. Care

Vitally important to me is understanding the clients’ desired outcomes. A client needs to know you understand their case needs and that you will efficiently, professionally and proactively proceed with their case with care, consideration, foresight and due diligence.

2. Time Management

There is nothing more reassuring to a client then a client feeling comfortable that you have the capacity to deal with their case. Each case needs to be given the correct amount of priority to ensure that a deadline is met. For me this is achieved through effective time management, email management and ensuring my work is kept organised.

3. Leadership

A client needs to feel the comfort that you will lead their case. When dealing with complex transactions clients need someone to lead their case with clear direction, leadership and to manage the expectations of all parties throughout.

4. Communication

Communication is important to every client. Clients need regular updates and need to know that you are proactively keeping the channels of communication open. A client needs to feel that the person working on their case is there to deal with their enquiries. They want you to be accessible by phone and email, when they require, and if that is not possible, to offer a suitable time and date for a discussion of their case.

5. Solutions

No case is complete without overcoming some hurdles and clients need reassurance that you will offer successful solutions for overcoming those hurdles with knowledge, insight and without delay. If a client is involved in a complex transaction a client needs to know you have highlighted their deadlines from the beginning to the other side, and anticipated any delays which are communicated to the client. Clients want to feel secure in the knowledge that you have protected their interests at all times.

6. Jargon Free and Stress Free

When a client comes for assistance they expect things to be simplified and jargon free. Firstly no one has the time for over complication of legal matters and secondly clients want to understand everything about their case. It is important to me that clients are kept updated every step of the way and do not feel overwhelmed throughout the process with legal terms. I keep things simple, clear, jargon free and concise in a way which my clients understand. When clients understand they feel free to interact with the process and their needs are understood.

7. Transparency

My final point is building the honesty and trust by keeping things transparent at all times. Clients always want to be kept in the loop. They will take the good and the bad, as long as they are made aware of it.

Client Care is always something which we can all work on improving, and no list is ever exhaustive. Client care is more than just the client care letter, it is an ongoing process throughout the transaction and even after the transaction has ended. 

Peterborough law firm Taylor Rose TTKW is a top 200 law firm with offices in Peterborough, London, Lichfield, Liverpool, Manchester, Northampton and Workington. For more information about Tayor Rose TTKW please click on about us or contact Theodora direct for property services. 



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