Legal Q3 2020 Star Award Winner - Anne-Marie Smith

Fri 13 November 2020 Legal Q3 2020 Star Award Winner - Anne-Marie Smith

Congratulations to Anne-Marie Smith who has won our Legal Star Award for Q3 2020!

Our Partner and Head of Property for Eastbourne, Anne-Marie has been with MW Solicitors for 4 years.  Anne- Marie has a passion for property. From starting in estate agents, letting agencies and block management she has an all-round knowledge of property.

Anne-Marie tries to take the ‘con from conveyancing by taking the stress away from her clients’.

When finding out that she had won the Q3 Legal Star Award, Anne-Marie said: “It made my day! It is so important to feel recognised, it shows gratitude and that means the world.”

Anne-Marie said the most enjoyable aspects of her job was, “helping people through what is an incredibly stressful process, hand-holding and preventing sleepless nights!”

“I see my clients as human beings and enjoy being part of their journey into their new home.”

Anne-Marie won the award as she received comments that praised her for going above and beyond, making clients feel that nothing was too much trouble and responding to communication promptly.

When asked about the challenges of her job, Anne-Marie said: “I find it difficult to accept that I cannot always get the result my clients want and need where external factors present challenges.”

“For instance, in chains where a first-time buyer two links below are struggling to obtain finance or a person decides to withdraw.”

“Sometimes the difficulty is in accepting that you cannot always control everything,” she continued.

When asked about what she enjoys the most, Anne-Marie said: “I enjoy coming into work with such a great team, we have a lovely rapport and brilliant working relationship.”

“I love working with and training people and helping them thrive in the role.”

She continued: “I love sharing ideas and working on ways to avoid risk, prevent error and run a tight ship.”

About Anne-Marie Outside of Work

Anne-Marie was born in Bristol and loves spending her free time with her family and travelling. She says the most important people in her life are her partner Steve, her two children Ben and Jessica and her evil cat Oscar.

She likes to spend her free time with her family, travelling and she also loves a jigsaw puzzle.

Anne-Marie said that Italy was her favourite travel destination because ‘it is so incredibly beautiful, amazing wine, pasta, pizza and ice cream’.

When asked about a guilty pleasure, Anne-Marie said: “Made in Chelsea – I was delighted to act for one of the cast members recently!”

Anne-Marie's fact that no one knows about her is that she is allergic to her evil cat Oscar.

Our Legal Star is selected through positive client reviews and feedback.

Anne-Marie received this award because the points made in the reviews show a clear demonstration that providing the whole package is what makes a client feel well supported.

It’s great to receive feedback spelling out how these things had such a positive impact on our clients and their perception of our services.

Congratulations once again to Anne-Marie who is the Legal Star of Q3 2020!



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