Corporate Q3 2020 Star Award Winner - Charlotte Sainsbury

Mon 16 November 2020 Corporate Q3 2020 Star Award Winner - Charlotte Sainsbury

Congratulations to Charlotte Sainsbury who has won our Corporate Star in Q3 2020 Star Award Programme.

Charlotte is a part of our Archive Team at our Peterborough office. Charlotte has been with the firm for 3 years.

“I feel that I have become more confident at work. Not just in my ability to get the job done but also in myself,” said Charlotte.

When finding out that she had won the Q3 Corporate Award, Charlotte said: “I was overwhelmed, I didn’t believe that it was actually happening. I never guessed that I could actually win it.”

Charlotte said the most enjoyable aspect of her job was, “the variation of work and people that we speak to.”

“We do all the archiving for the company; I speak to a great variation of people.”

She continued: “I also enjoy training and helping new starter’s through the toughest few days in the business.”


Charlotte had received multiple nominations for the Q3 corporate award for her flexibility and hard work during the first lockdown.

The most challenging thing about her role is that “we are currently juggling archiving from across the business, however, we have faced this sort of thing before and I know that with teamwork we can get it done,” Charlotte said.

When asked what she enjoys the most about working at Taylor Rose, Charlotte said: “the people, I always think that the people make a team more than the work does.”

“We have such a good relationship with not only my team but also a lot of the other teams.”

She continued: “I can always guarantee if I am not feeling myself, the people in my team will do their best to help make me smile and they always succeed.”

Charlotte outside of Work  

Charlotte was born in Huntingdon. She says the most important people in her life are her Mum, Sarah and Dad, Peter who are both incredibly hard-working and have brought her up to be the same way.

Outside of work, Charlotte loves to read and write. She also enjoys scrapbooking and being creative.

Charlotte said that New York was her favourite destination, after travelling there for a big birthday she fell in love with the city that never sleeps and she can’t wait to go back.

At the moment, Charlotte is currently re-watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix but as soon as December starts, she will start the month by watching Love Actually.

When asked about her guilty pleasure, Charlotte said: “I like to listen and watch Christmas related things all year long.”

Charlotte was awarded the Corporate Star award after receiving multiple nominations this is for her vital efforts during the first lockdown where she looked after incoming post and ensured it was distribution.

There were many queries during that time and she did a great job of going the extra mile to help her colleagues.

Charlotte also stepped in and helped out in reception at a busy time and it is great to see an individual showing real flexibility to help out the business where support is needed.

Once again Congratulations to Charlotte on receiving the Corporate Star Award for Q3!



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