Legal Q4 2020 Star Award Winner - Jessica Shale



Mon 22 February 2021 Legal Q4 2020 Star Award Winner - Jessica Shale

Congratulations to Jessica Shale who has won our Legal Star Award for Q4 2020!

Jessica is an Associate in our Private Client Team based in the firms Eastbourne office. She assists clients with their late life arrangements. Jessica started her journey with MW Solicitors and has been with the firm for just over 3 years.

When finding out she had won the Q4 Legal Star Award, Jessica said: “this is very embarrassing but when Adrian phoned me to tell me, I cried! Tears of happiness.”

“To win this award is just amazing for me, it’s reassured me that actually, I’m doing ok and that’s probably why I cried.”

Jessica said the most enjoyable aspect of her job was, “meeting and speaking to an array of different people from various backgrounds.”

“I love learning about them and how I can assist their personal needs.”

She continued: “I love making my clients feel comfortable about the sensitive subjects that we have to discuss, and reassure them that their needs and concerns are just as important as anybody else’s.”


Jessica was awarded the legal star due to the fantastic feedback she had received during the last quarter. The feedback Jessica received mentioned her professional and unrushed attitude.

When asked about the challenges in her role, she said, “some clients take a long time to trust me and maintain being very reserved.”

“I find that because I am young, have piercings and quite a modern look that clients who meet me for the first time worry about who I am and whether I know anything about what I need to be advising them on.”

She continued: “I get questioned quite a lot but I take it all in my stride and I don’t let it offend me.”

“I think it is so important for clients to do and ask for whatever they need so that they are comfortable with working with me. I am incredibly versatile and I would say one of my strengths is being able to adapt to whoever needs my assistance.”

She explained, “whether it be my tone of voice, my posture or the way I address things; I can adapt to whoever I am in front of or on the phone to. To ensure that by the end of our first discussion or meeting that they feel more comfortable with the fact that I will be able to assist them with whatever their needs and tailor my service to their personal circumstances.”

When asked about what she enjoys the most, Jessica said: “the people and the support, you couldn’t put a price on how valuable that is.”


 Jessica Outside of Work

Jessica was born in Surrey and names her boyfriend Andy, her best friend Sam, her mum, her dad, her step-mum and her dog, Bronson as the most important people in her life.

In her spare time you will find Jessica watching a good Netflix series, listening to audible or music and spending times seeing her friends and family.

Jessica said that her ultimate favourite hobby is to laugh.

When asked about her favourite travel destination, Jessica said: “The Maldives because there you have no worries in the world.”

“The destination of my next holiday will be irrelevant to me, as long as it’s with my boyfriend, Andy he is the key to the most perfect holiday,” she said.

When asked about her guilty pleasure, she said: “Mean Girls, Back Street Boys, NSYNC and a really lame game I like to play on my phone called Mystery Manor.”

When discussing her favourite things, Jessica said that, “lyrics in music are the most valuable to me, so for this reason I don’t think I could specify a particular type but if I want to dance and play it loud then it has to have a good bass line.”

She said her favourite film is Mean Girls and she will never get bored of it, and if she is feeling soppy then The Notebook, but she also does love a good psychological thriller.

Her favourite book series is Harry Potter.

Jessica's fact that no one knows about her is that she never went to university and left school half way through her A Levels. Her current role with Taylor Rose MW proves that hard work and dedication can get you to where you want to be in life.

Congratulations once again to Jessica who is the Legal Star of Q4!

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