Legal Q3 2021 Director's Award - Sophie Durkin

Mon 20 December 2021 Legal Q3 2021 Director's Award - Sophie Durkin

Congratulations to Sophie Durkin who has won our Legal Directors Award for Q3 2021!

Sophie is a Consultant Chartered Legal Executive who is in our Residential Property Department and associated with our Peterborough Office, though she works remotely in York. She has been with the firm for just over a year.

When finding out she won the Q3 Legal Directors Award, she said: “it was extremely nice to know we are recognised in a company with so many employees and consultants. It makes the stress sometimes worth it.”                                                                                                                    

The most enjoyable aspect of her role is, “the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped people do one of the most stressful and important things in their lives.”

She continued with discussing the most challenging aspect being clients’ expectations as some clients can expect to get into a leasehold property just two weeks after opening the file."


“I combat this as I try to have an initial all and be very clear about what they can expect from me, and what I need them to do.”

Sophie’s key to success is communication, honesty, and empathy.

At Taylor Rose MW, we have four values: aspiration, integrity, innovation and commitment. Sophie said, “Integrity is the most important values for me not only just at work but in life as well."

“Taylor Rose MW has helped me with the chance to be self-sufficient and self-employed as a consultant which has been great and there is always great support available if needed.”

When asked one tip she would share with her colleagues is to, “try to always be there on the phone or email for your clients that way when something unexpected happens, for example illness, system issues. Your client will be understanding that it isn’t the norm.”

Sophie Outside of Work

Sophie was born in York and names the most important in her life as her: better half, Dave, Stepchildren Maddie, Izzie and Evie and Pets Yoda, Obi, Storm and Chewi.

Sophie mentioned that they are Star Wars fans to the reason to why her pets are named Yoda, Obi, Storm and Chewi.

One fun fact that she has shared with us is that she “used to play rugby for Yorkshire and had England trials, unfortunately the social life of Uni lured me away and I am far to unfit to play nowadays.”

Outside of Work, Sophie enjoys “anything creative” and is looking forward to “spending time with her family again” now restrictions have been lifted.

Her guilty pleasure is “chocolate and red wine.”

Sophie names “The Labyrinth” as her favourite film as she “used to watch it with her mum when she was little, and it reminds her of her mum”. She added that “The Railway Children” is her favourite book as her “late grandparents bought her a leather bound copy when she was little and it reminds her of them.” Lastly, her favourite travel destination is Thailand and she like’s “any music as long as it’s tasteful”.



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