Managing Director

Mon 12 June 2017 WHY SMART MODERN LAW?

Adrian Jaggard, Managing Director of Taylor Rose TTKW, explains the thinking behind the firm’s vision, Smart Modern Law.

I am often asked to provide an overview of our firm in ten minutes. These overviews vary depending on the audience and time of day, but I tend to explain our evolution through specific milestones in our history. I add various statistics that illustrate our current capability such as composition of work, number of offices, turnover, headcount etc. And finally I mention the intangible stuff, our characteristics, purpose and strategy.

It is this latter, intangible element that is so hard to articulate and convey with true justice. Yet it is the most important. I am not sure why it is so hard to explain, possibly because there is less evidence to support my words. However our characteristics and purpose are at the heart of everything we do, especially our strategy. Running a business is just a series of decisions, millions of them every year, and these decisions are shaped by our characteristics and purpose.

‘Smart Modern Law’ is our vision, and, coupled with our mission statement ‘to challenge larger firms and established practices in the legal sector through innovation and entrepreneurship’, conveys the essence of our purpose. To be honest, I think that they do a fairly good job in not many words, but I am never sure of the distinction between the two, despite many debates over the years!

So, why has our vision gained so much prominence over our mission statement or characteristics? Firstly I love that there is great authenticity with it coming from the heart of the business, rather than an agency. Secondly Smart Modern Law epitomizes Taylor Rose TTKW, with each word being equally important.

‘Smart’ because we operate a smart business with smart people. ‘Modern’ because we innovate and invest in our business and people to ensure we provide a state of the art service to our clients. And ‘Law’ because that is what we do!



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