Greg to lay down the law with Golf Business International



Tue 22 January 2019 Greg to lay down the law with Golf Business International

We are pleased to announce that our specialist sports and personal injury lawyer Greg Rollingson has become a member of Golf Business International – the group of independent consultants for the golf sector.

Greg has been a solicitor for over 30 years, and has acted for many golf clubs, insurance companies, trade unions and individuals regarding sports and other injuries, safety issues and the legal liability of golfers and golf clubs. He has taken a number of golf related and other personal injury cases to trial and has written articles for various trade publications on golf injuries and other sporting topics. He also addressed seminars on golfing safety issues and the legal liability of golfers and golf clubs.

A keen golfer himself, Greg explained “Taylor Rose TTKW is one of the few firms of UK solicitors with sufficient in-depth knowledge and expertise to properly handle golf injury cases and also provide advice to both golf clubs and their insurers on liability and safety issues.

“My work previously has brought me into contact with other Golf Business International members and it was clear the organisation has a lot to offer both individual companies within the golf sector and the golf industry itself.

“I’m pleased to join and look forward to adding my experience to the broad set of skills already available within the group.”

Welcoming Greg to Golf Business International, its chairman, John Ashworth, added: “Greg has an enormous amount of experience in this sphere and his advice to golf clubs could be priceless in terms of avoiding future legal action.

“We are delighted he has chosen to add his skill to our burgeoning organisation and we believe his services should be much in demand.”

Formed originally as the Golf Consultants Association in 1999, Golf Business International, which rebranded in 2017 and is now a ‘preferred partner’ of England Golf, is unique in its ability to make available a team of highly respected and experienced golf industry professionals to deal with any aspect of the business of golf through from conception to end.

For more information about Golf Business Internationional please go to www.golfbusinessinternational.com.

If you need personal injury legal advice please email Greg or call 01733 333333.

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