Taylor Rose TTKW Partners with Cancer Research



Mon 16 March 2020 Taylor Rose TTKW Partners with Cancer Research

Taylor Rose TTKW in Peterborough have partnered up with Cancer Research UK to offer their free Will writing service.  

Cancer Research UK has helped highlight the importance of diagnosing cancer early, which often means treatment is more likely to be successful. For many common cancers, chances of survival triple when diagnosed at an early stage. 

In Cambridge, Dr Inigo Martincorena is uncovering the earliest steps in pancreatic cancer to improve early diagnosis of the disease. He is collecting samples from healthy people and people with early-stage pancreatic cancer to investigate the changes in our DNA that cause the disease.  This work could form the basis for new tools that allow doctors to intervene early and stop the cancer before it has a chance to grow further.

The above project is only one of the many you could contribute to by leaving a gift in your Will to Cancer Research UK.

Gifts in Wills breathe life into researchers’ work by funding over a third of their life-saving research. Legacies enable long-term research projects that allow scientists to achieve breakthroughs every day. Each breakthrough inspires the next until the day comes when everyone survives cancer.

Cancer Research UK has made a pledge to their supporters. 82p in every £1 they receive goes towards funding vital research like Dr Martincorena’s / like Dr Naughton’s, while the other 18p helps to raise more funds to support other research.

In the past 40 years, survival has doubled, in part with thanks to Cancer Research UK’s pioneering research, funded by the generosity of their supporters. Cancer Research UK is committed to ensuring 3 in 4 people in the UK who are diagnosed with cancer survive their disease for 10 years or more by 2034. None of this will be possible without the help of their supporters.

Pledge to leave a gift in your Will to Cancer Research UK today by visiting www.cruk.org/legacies.                                 

We’re pleased to have partnered with such a notable charity. We aim to provide the best possible service to all our clients and are looking forward to establishing relationships through our work with Cancer Research. It really is such a great cause which affects many people all over the UK and beyond. It’s amazing to be able to lend a helping hand which will affect so many in such a positive way.” Krystal Ramsammy, Head of Private Client Peterborough

If you would like to book an appointment to see one of our dedicated solicitors who can assist you with writing your will under the Cancer Research scheme then please get in touch with Krystal.

Our Private Client team are also taking part in a Free Wills Month for over 55’s. Last year they helped to raise an amazing £4,625,094.99 for the Free Wills Month Charities.

Please contact Krystal Ramsammy at our Peterborough Office on 01733 305136 or click here to read more about the services we offer which include (but are not limited to) Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Will Writing, Trusts and Inheritance Tax advice.

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