Taylor Rose TTKW Help to Raise Millions For Charities!

Fri 1 November 2019 Taylor Rose TTKW Help to Raise Millions For Charities!

Our Wills and Probate Department, have helped raised an incredible £4,625,094.99 of future income for the Free Wills Month Charities.

In March 2019, the team decided to participate in the Free Wills Month Campaign. This campaign offers free Will writing services, or the updating of Wills, to anyone aged 55 and over. Clients are then encouraged to leave a donation for their chosen charity. Charities chosen can range from the likes of The Royal British Legion, The British Heart Foundation, The NSPCC, The Salvation Army as well as many others, all of which are supporting a variety of notable causes.

“We're thrilled to have played a part in raising such a large sum of money for such a worthwhile cause. Taking part in Free Wills Month enables us to give back to both our clients and twelve great UK charities. It offers those over the age of 55 years an opportunity to get a Will written, or amended free of charge. Having a Will is the most effective way of making sure your assets are handled and distributed in the way you want when you pass away."

- Tristy Powell, Head of Private Client

Tristy and her team, based in our Peterborough office, exceeded expectations this year as they have previously raised over £164,000 during the same campaign. This is an outstanding amount of money so well done to all of the team!

The next charity opportunity which the team are taking part in is Will Aid. Will Aid takes place from the 1st November to the 30th November 2019. The event is a UK-wide fundraising campaign involving charity donations for Will writing services with Solicitors. The department looks forward to contributing to the upcoming event.

To learn more about our Will writing services or to make an enquiry, click here. You can also contact Tristy directly by calling 01733 865617 or by emailing her at



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