Corporate Q1 2022 Director Award Winner – Ellis Robinson

Thu 28 July 2022 Corporate Q1 2022 Director Award Winner – Ellis Robinson

Congratulations to Ellis Robinson who has won our Corporate Directors Award for Q1 2022!

Ellis is a Communications Support Operation within our Communications team based at our Peterborough Office. She has been with the team for nearly 2 years.

Ellis takes incoming calls and directs them to the correct person and department internally.

When finding out she had won the Q1 Corporate Directors Award, Ellis said she felt: “very proud that I have accomplished something, and it was nice for my hard work to be noticed.”

Ellis was asked what the most enjoyable aspect of her role was and she described that as, “dealing with different clients and the fact that no call is the same.”

She continued by discussing the most challenging aspects and said, “when we have to deal with the clients that are not 100% satisfied with the serve but I stay calm and deal with the call as efficiently as possible.”

Ellis’s key to success is to ask lots of questions and try to gain lots of experience.

When asked how the organisation has helped develop her personally and, in her career, she said, “Taylor Rose MW has given me a lot more confidence to be more assertive. I have also been able to gain more experience to further my career.”

Ellis’s one tip to colleagues is to “work hard, take on advice and criticism you are given and use this to approve.”

She continued, “don’t give up if something doesn’t go right the first time.”

At Taylor Rose MW, we have four values: aspiration, integrity, innovation, and commitment. Ellis said, “aspiration is of most importance for me. I want to progress in my career and to do that I have to work hard and keep pushing.”

Ellis Outside of Work

Ellis was born in Peterborough and names her family are the most important people in her life.

One fun fact that she has shared with us is that she “enjoys very strange food combinations including honey and pasta or Yorkshire puddings and tuna mayonnaise.”

Outside of Work, Ellis likes going to the gym, seeing her friend and family, and also looking after her nephew.

As restrictions have now been lifted, Ellis was most looking forward to socialising with friends and family.

Her guilty pleasure is cheese toasties. She said, “this started when I moved out of my parents and lived off them for about 2 months. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

Ellis names “Mexico” as her favourite travel destination as she went on holiday there and says, “it was amazing, and I would love to be back.” Her favourite tv show is “selling sunset” because “she loves all the drama between the cast, the setting is amazing, and the properties are crazy.”

She continued: “It’s kind of nice to see how the other half live.”

Ellis also likes “different types of music including hip hop, dance and R 'n' B". She said, "it depends on what mood she is in and what her plans are for that day" to what music she listens to. 



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