How do Competency & Behaviour Workshops Help Deliver Smart Modern Law?

Mon 4 June 2018 How do Competency & Behaviour Workshops Help Deliver Smart Modern Law?

Adrian Jaggard, Managing Director of Taylor Rose TTKW, is a regular blogger and recently wrote about culture and how important our company values are. As a business that is constantly growing and recruiting it is vital that we attract candidates that share those values.


Sue Hope, Taylor Rose TTKW’s Learning and Development Coordinator, is a brand ambassador and advocate of the firm’s values. However she recognises that although we have very clearly defined values, she understands that they may be perceived differently by individuals, which is why staff are currently engaged in a programme of workshops to develop a framework of behaviours. This sits within a wider programme of developing a competency framework that will create a structured development programme for Taylor Rose TTKW’s legal and corporate teams.

Sue commented ‘We introduced the idea of a competency and behaviour programme a while back. Staff were so passionate about creating a positive change at Taylor Rose TTKW that we formed a group called the Change Agents. It's critical that employees are engaged, not just just to have a say in the programme, but actually help shape it, and the Change Agents are at the heart of this. This way it becomes tangible and the end result is that there is much better buy-in from across the firm.’

Sue, who is based in Peterborough, regularly visits Taylor Rose TTKW’s six other offices to provide employee training including managing vulnerable clients and GDPR – What does it mean for me? amongst other things. She continued ‘The competency and behaviour programme is recognised as being strategically important by the management team and is one of several initiatives that support our vision to deliver smart modern law. One of our core *values is aspiration and we certainly don’t take that lightly. Investment in our people, to provide them with a framework for continued development is a means to an end – to be the best we can be!’

*Our values are:

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