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Breaking up is always difficult. But we’ll do everything we can to make it easier.  We know how hard it is to talk to someone else about your relationship, especially when feelings are running high.

If you’ve reached a point where you don’t think you can reconcile with your partner, we’re here with a friendly, sympathetic helping hand through the process of separating or getting a divorce.

Collaboration, not confrontation

When it comes to divorce, we believe in defusing the situation, not fanning the flames.

We aim for a solution that works for everyone – you, your partner and your children, if you have them. And we do our best to keep you out of court and minimise stress.

Free consultation

We offer a free half-hour initial consultation about your situation and what you want to do next. If you prefer, we can also offer a longer consultation for a fixed fee. 

During this first meeting, we’ll explain all your options, and what we charge for our work.

If you decide to go ahead, we’ll be there to help you at every stage from then on.

How it works

We’ll usually recommend that you go through mediation as a first step. You’ll both sit down with an impartial third party to agree a financial settlement and/or arrangements for the future care of any children. (You are legally required to try mediation before you go to court, unless you have to make an emergency application.)

If mediation fails, there are several ways to proceed. You can negotiate a settlement via lawyers, with us acting on your behalf. You can negotiate with support from collaboratively trained lawyers – one for you and one for your partner, with everyone in the same room. If the collaborative law approach fails, you have to start all over again with a new lawyer, which gives everyone an incentive to make it work.

If you can’t agree on how to divide up your assets, you can apply to the court for a financial order for the court to decide. The first hearing will usually be about what the assets are worth and whether further financial disclosure is required from you and your partner. The second will aim for a financial settlement, with the judge giving an opinion (not a judgement) on each side’s proposals. If you still can’t agree, the judge will decide for you at the third and final hearing.

However you reach agreement, we’ll be there to help you put it into practice – selling properties, transferring ownership, setting up pension sharing and so on. We’ll also apply for the decree absolute, which ends the divorce process.

Fixed-fee packages

We offer fixed-fee packages for straightforward, undefended divorces and financial agreements, so you know our costs before you start.

Learn more

To learn more about our divorce and separation service and arrange your no-obligation discussion, please get in touch. 

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