Taylor Rose MW Appoints Eight New Partners

Fri 1 December 2023 Taylor Rose MW Appoints Eight New Partners

We are delighted to announce that Taylor Rose MW has appointed 8 new partners from various departments within the firm. By appointing trusted advisors with extensive industry expertise, these promotions are poised to fortify the firm's senior team, contribute to its ongoing expansion across the UK , and underscore Taylor Rose MW's dedication to the development and investment in its personnel. 

Congratulations to the following on the appointment of their partnership:

We were lucky enough to speak to them regarding their new roles.

Krystal Ramsammy is based in our Ealing and Wallington Office.

Krystal said: “It feels amazing to be appointed Partner at Taylor Rose MW. Since I started law school, my aim in my professional career was to become partner. I started working towards becoming a partner from the moment I qualified, and I am grateful to be a Taylor Rose MW Partner, so I am very happy to be acknowledged in this regard.

She continued: “I have been with Taylor Rose MW for almost four years, and I am proud of having the opportunity to keep on growing and progressing in my career.”

When asked what kind of impact she would like to have on the firm, she said, “it is very important for me to share my knowledge and help train the team in my department. My aim as a partner is to ensure that everyone in the firm can not only count on each other but also help setting them up for their own successes.”

“I want to inspire more support staff to qualify in Wills, Trust & Probate and support colleagues in other departments with any private client need.”

Margaret Young is based in our Bath office.

Margaret said: “Over the years, I have gained a wide experience in all types of civil litigation matters but the law has become so complex that it has become necessary to focus on one area and I have chosen professional negligence. That is not to say I no longer undertake construction and building disputes or contract claims but my focus now is to put my wealth of knowledge acquired to these various areas to consider how in a professional negligence case any professional has failed in his or her duty.”

She continued: “It is an honour to have been made partner. I feel I have worked and the firm and been loyal to it and that has to be recognised.”

Rachel Suitte is based in our Horsham office.

When asked how Rachel felt about being appointed partner, she said: “from humble beginnings and a girl who was dragged up to the person I am now and reaching this point in my career, I feel very grateful.”

“I have been doing this job for nearly 23 years and I love it just as much now as I did at the beginning.”

“I would like to continue to teach and grow, I want to try and give my love for conveyancing to others and give someone the opportunities I was give, watching people grow and achieve is something I never grow tired of.”

“I loved working in an environment that taught me and encouraged me to learn, I do this with my team now and I am never too busy to answer a question and no question is a stupid question,” she said when asked about the impact she’d like to have on the firm.

Shaheen Marriot is based in our Bexleyheath office.

Shaheen said, “I am absolutely elated to have been promoted to Partner, I am committed to my career and see this as an important step.”

“Working in the Family & Children department has provided a multitude of funny and interesting memories, from scaling a 6 foot wooden fence to ensure our client made her assessment to a colleague meditating with a client on a patch of grass in Bromley to get her through her final hearing…the moral of the story being, we go above and beyond for our clients because we really care about the outcome for them and their children.” Shaheen continued when asked about her early days.

Simon Black is based in our Peterborough Office.

Simon said: “It is a great feeling to have been appointed  Partner as it is something I aspired to when joining the firm in August 2022.”

He continued: “As part of my role is to be the driver behind system architecture changes to assist the department in operating as smoothly as possible. If I can achieve that and make the lives of the team easier, then I will be a happy man.”

Simon Rooney is based in our Bexleyheath Office.

Simon said: “it feels wonderful to be recognised by the firm as somebody who is worthy of the title. Career wise it makes all the hard work seem worthwhile.”

“Principally, I wanted to help people who needed legal advice. When I began as a paralegal working in PI 12 years again, it certainly did allow me to help people who through no fault of their own were in need of legal advice and assistance.”

“The reward really having satisfied client’s who had been able to go through the PI claim process and be successful at the end. It remains certainly a motivation to ensure each client has the best advice and chance to make their claim. While I did enjoy other seats which help people when training, I felt PI was my best option.”

Stephanie Bristow is based in our Peterborough Office and is our only operational member of staff in this selection.

“In my first interview with the Partner & Director of the firm 11 years ago I was asked what I wanted, and I said in my hilariously overconfident youth ‘to sit where you are’.”

“Since then, I’ve always strived to give my best to the firm, but I still feel a sense of awe and gratitude to have reached this point and I am really excited to start this next chapter of my career within the firm with all the new challenges and opportunities it brings.”

“I was appointed Partner shortly after my 11-year anniversary at the firm and its been a really varied journey of successes, challenges, fun, laughter  and collaboration with lots of amazing, talented people across the firm.”

Congratulations to all 8 newly appointed partners on securing your new roles within the firm. We wish you all the best and are excited to see what the future holds.

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