Many people find discussing and planning for death or a loss difficult, but it is essential that you ensure you protect your loved ones and the future with a little careful planning.

Making a Will allows you to distribute your assets according to your wishes and make the important decisions for the future, now. Failure to make a Will leaves your estate intestate and provides daunting complications for your family, when they should be focusing on supporting each other through a hard time; it particularly causes issues in the case of unmarried couples, divorces and inheritance tax.

Our private client team are experienced in drafting Wills, whether you have simple needs or want to protect your business and foreign assets. We can assist you with planning the future you want for your loved ones, so you have the security of knowing its all taken care of. 

We offer tailored advice at fixed fees with a quality and sensitive legal service that approaches the subject of Will writing and estate planning in an accessible manner.

Our solicitors can also assist you with other planning measures such as Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney and care home fees, please see our list of  additional planning services we offer or contact our private client team today on 01733 333 333 or our London team on 020 3540 4444 for a no obligation discussion.

As well as assisting you with preparing your Will, our private client team can help you with further planning for the future.

Inheritance Tax Planning

You have worked hard to acquire your assets, so it makes sense that you want to leave as much as possible to the people you love. If your estate is over a certain value you may find that your beneficiaries lose a significant amount to inheritance tax. Our private client team can assist you by guiding you through tax strategies, ensuring the people you care about are provided for in the best possible and most efficient manner.


A Trust is an effective means for you to provide for beneficiaries of your choice and also acts as an effective means to protect various assets. Our solicitors are experienced in drafting Trusts that provide you with peace of mind for the future, and the means to offer security for your loved ones.

Lasting Power of Attorney

It’s not easy to discuss and consider a time when you may not have the physical or mental capacity to make the decisions necessary for your finance and welfare, but it is important to prepare should that time ever arrive. Our private client team can help guide you through options so that you can rest assured you are prepared and protected.

Contesting a Will

Losing someone close to you is always a stressful and emotional time for all involved, and with the average family unit often very complicated and Wills consistently being updated, it is increasingly common for Wills to be contested. To contest a Will you can usually only do so on the grounds that someone who would usually have been provided for has not been, or it is believed that the Will was made under influence or with lack of capacity. If you would like to know more about contesting a Will please see our guide for details or contact the private client team. 

Useful Guides

Contesting a Will
Contesting a Will

Losing a loved one can be devastating and can be made even more difficult if you feel you have not been adequately provided for, or if you believe that the Will is not valid. Family structures are becoming more complicated and the amount of disputes regarding Wills is on the rise. A person can distribute their estate in any way they choose under the terms of their Will. This is known as ‘testamentary freedom’. However, this does not mean that the terms of the Will or the validity of the Will cannot be challenged. WHAT GROUNDS ARE THERE FOR CONTESTING A WILL? There are many grounds for contesting a Will but the grounds concerning the validity of the Will are:   &n...


Gary Tonsley
Gary Tonsley

The private client department at Taylor Rose are a reliable and efficient team. They demonstrate exemplary knowledge of a complex area of the Law and I am extremely satisfied with their service

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David Pearce
David Pearce

David specialises in wills and tax planning for a variety of clients dealing in particular with tax and asset management for all types of trusts. He also deals with all aspects of probate having administered numerous high value estates. Through his extensive experience and knowledge of all these areas, David has managed to build up a large following of private clients who have been with Taylor Rose TTKW for many years.

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