We are recruiting for a Legal Support Executive to join the team to cover a period of materntiy leave.  The LSO Executive is responsible for the delivery of legal support services and operational support to the fee earners in the business to agreed service levels and report to the Head of Legal Support Operations on the delivery of the same. They also provide support and cover to other roles within the LSO.

This role involves but is not limited to:

  1. Centralised File Opening including
    1. File opening Issue resolution
    2. Live status file opening
    3. Conflict checks
    4. Data integrity checks
    5. AML checks
    6. ID Checks
  2. Client Portal Helpdesk
    1. Answering Phone calls from clients addressing their issues using the client portal system
    2. Responding to online chats from clients supporting their issues using the client portal system
    3. Working with IT to address technical issues with the site
    4. Liaising with fee earners and branch support staff on matter related enquiries whilst using the client portal system
  3. Central Digital Dictation Team
    1. Typing Up traditional audio dictations from fee earners
    2. Reviewing and amending speech to text dictations
    3. Providing drafting and templating services
  4. Centralised Mattersphere System Database Management
    1. Creation of Associate contacts in Mattersphere
    2. Working through branch office requests for data changes
  5. Digital Post Unit
    1. Receiving IN all inbound post for Taylor Rose MW into the hub
    2. Scanning all the post into PaperRiver
    3. Allocating digitised post to either Mattersphere client/matter folders or depositing into PaperRiver digital post-boxes for staff
    4. Arranging for “paper” files to be internally distributed
    5. Printing Post OUT items on appropriate consumables
    6. Enveloping, addressing and on-line Royal Mail arrangement Post OUT
    7. Delivering Post OUT to Post Office
    8. As above for DX
  6. Reprographics  Function
    1. Producing Bundles
    2. Indexing Services
    3. Binding Services
    4. Large Print Volume facility
    5. Specialist print and copy services
    6. Document scanning and digitisation service
    7. CD/DVD Creation of files
    8. Secure USB file Upload service


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