Training Contracts with Taylor Rose TTKW



Mon 19 February 2018

Securing a training contract with the right law firm is a major challenge that must be faced on the road to becoming a lawyer. It’s not easy to get any training contract, let alone a good one; I know this well.


In previous years I was responsible for the firm’s trainee solicitor programme, now managed by our London based Partner Louisa Copsey.  I am also the Managing Director of Taylor Rose TTKW, and in this role, I face the challenge of ensuring that our firm attracts, develops and retains talented lawyers.

We are a service business; our performance will be determined by the quality of those services. In my view, our ‘service quality’ consists of technical ability (legal competence), other business capabilities held by the lawyer and separately the business support/framework.

Our business framework is strong and improving all the time; leagues ahead of many of our peers. Despite this, we will always need great lawyers, as without them we can never succeed.

So, what are great lawyers? They need to know the law and how to apply it. They also need to be smart, have common sense, share the firm’s values and most of all be great communicators. When considering successful lawyers that I know, good communication skills trump technical ability every time.

What is a great communicator? I suppose that it is someone who communicates with clarity and accuracy, but there is also much more. Listening properly to the client is important, as are soft skills such as empathy and understanding. A good personality is important, at the end of the day people like doing business with people that they like (and for that matter, Partners like giving training contracts to candidates that they like).

How do we get great lawyers? We either attract them from other firms, or develop them ourselves. At Taylor Rose TTKW we use both methods and will usually take on 2-3 trainees a year.

We receive many applications for paralegal roles and training contracts each year. When reviewing them, we are looking for evidence of the above attributes, as well as characteristics that sit well in the business. Personally, when considering any application, I am looking for evidence of intellect, personality and an indication that the candidate can handle some hard work. I am also generally wary of those that change their job too often.

Taylor Rose TTKW invites applications for training contracts annually. Both internal and external applicants are welcome, with some internal applicants carrying an advantage of being proven. During the process, there will be interviews and written assessments used to help inform selection.

Currently Louisa oversees the whole process and makes recommendations to Taylor Rose TTKW as to who is the most suitable. If you are interested in joining us, why not email her at louisa.copsey@



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