Taylor Rose TTKW's Cumbria office celebrates Fourth Anniversary with our Consultants Programme



Mon 26 March 2018 Taylor Rose TTKW's Cumbria office celebrates Fourth Anniversary with our Consultants Programme

When I made the decision to move my conveyancing team away from my old firm and go it alone, the practical logistics of how to set up my own firm seemed daunting and overwhelming, especially when looking to set up a new conveyancing firm, shares Felicity Marsden, Consultant Solicitor at Taylor Rose TTKW and Manager of the firm's flagship Consultants office in Cumbria. 


So being the good solicitor that I am, I undertook some research and a consultant agreement with an established firm seemed like a potential solution. A consultants agreement with an established firm would mean that they would already have everything in place and would offer a hybrid solution of me becoming the master of my own destiny, but having support from those with experience and established procedures in place. 

From my initial meeting with Antony and Adrian, our shared attitude’s on client care and quality of service were apparent and I felt reassured that in starting  my new business, I had the support and guidance of not just them, but the entire firm of Taylor Rose TTKW in making it a success.  

Though previously a head of department, suddenly having to deal with telephone systems, IT, insurances, stationery suppliers and the like at times felt bewildering and overwhelming, but at Taylor Rose TTKW there was always someone on the end of the phone to help or point me in the right direction of who to speak to if they could not. Looking back, if I had not had that support I’m not sure if I would have still been here today!

Once the initial setup headaches disappeared, then settling into life as a consultant meant that I reverted back more to my previous job as a head of department and work life continued as it used too. However, as the “boss” it means that I have more flexibility with my time and hours and yes, some Saturdays and Sundays I am still in the office working, but it means that I can go to my daughter’s school play during normal work hours and create a work/life balance that suits me as well. This works best for my clients as it makes more productive and a happier solicitor all round. 

Being part of a top 200 law firm, means that as a consultant I can benefit from large referral contracts that Taylor Rose TTKW has and I can access a network of offices across the country if I need to or if one of our offices is in a better geographical location for my clients. There is a fantastic pool of talent and different specialisms within the firm which I can tap into, which means that my client’s entire needs can be met but all still within the same firm. If I had set up just a traditional high street conveyancing firm, then I would not have had access to any of this and neither would my clients. 

However, on the local level, I can still service my own clients and deal with them as I always have.  In my office in Cumbria, it means that we can focus solely on property work, both residential and commercial and private client work and therefore in these areas my staff are better trained and more specialist than in a traditional high street firm that tries to deal with all of their client’s needs in the one small office. 

Appointing a Consultant Liaison Manager and team dedicated solely to supporting the consultants within the firm has resulted in more formal procedures and means that we have a dedicated team to help with any issues or queries. Although a consultant, I have no doubt that my views and opinions in the way the firm works and is looking to develop are listened to as much as anyone else. Geographically we are quite far from the head office, but this distance never feels that far as all the team at Taylor Rose TTKW work really hard to make sure that we are kept in the loop and involved as much as anyone. 

The ethos of the firm is progressive and forward thinking, always trying to improve to benefit clients, staff and consultants.  As a solicitor and a consultant that makes for exciting times ahead and provides challenges which I relish. 

Being the first consultant office for Taylor Rose TTKW is a privilege and honour and I cannot believe that already four years have passed since I made that big leap into the unknown, but I am so glad that I did! Let’s see what happens in the next four years!

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