Taylor Rose TTKW's 2018 Corporate Stars share their Award Stories - Laura Boullemier


Partner & Head of Client Care

Wed 13 March 2019

Laura Boullemier – Corporate STAR - Assistant Head, Residential Conveyancing, Peterborough

One of our property experts, Laura is Assistant Head of Residential Conveyancing in Peterborough where she gives support and advice to her colleagues.
Laura was nominated by a colleague for her dedication and commitment in helping an unhappy client who had experienced a less than excellent service. Despite this not being an error made in her own department, Laura spent a lot of time identifying how the error had happened. She discussed it with the client and emailed clarification to reach a satisfactory resolution. We recognise how challenging it can be to resolve mistakes, especially on behalf of others, however Laura provided the client with the best experience in difficult circumstances.

Laura says: “I was so surprised when I found out I’d won. I had no idea I was even in the running!

“For me, the most favourite part of my job is being able to use my experience to help others out. Our business is ever evolving, and though I’m not naturally someone who likes too much change, however resistance is futile, as they say. The people at Taylor Rose TTKW, including those I help, and those who help me, are what I enjoy most about working here. There are some truly great people here."

“The company has really helped me develop personally and in my career. I started more than six years ago as a conveyancing assistant and I have learnt so, so much. The key thing for me is perseverance - which I think has helped me, and I’m committed to my continual improvement. If I could share anything that would help others - I would say: ‘always take the opportunity to learn more!”

Laura was born in St Ives near Huntingdon. Her nearest and dearest are partner Andy and Rosie the ginger cat.

“Outside work (when I’m not studying) I love gaming, reading, writing and watching disaster movies (my guilty pleasure). I’m a big fan of David Bowie, but love lots of different artists too. A bit obvious, I know, but my most favourite collection of books is the Harry Potter series and I like anything by Harlan Coben or Northern Lights by Philip Pullman.

“When I get away my happy place is Florida, however Germany and Canada are now on the horizon - no real reason why - more … ‘why not?’.

“People in the organisation know of me rather than know me - people might be surprised to know that I can count to 10 in Japanese!”

More about our Star Awards:
We introduced the Star Awards staff recognition programme at the beginning of 2018 to celebrate delivering excellent client experience and teamwork. The programme recognises one legal and one corporate colleague every quarter. 

There are two star award categories:
Our Legal Champions are selected from lawyers and executives who have had the best survey feedback, client compliments, positive feedback, satisfaction surveys, referrals and online reviews.

Our Corporate Champions are nominated by colleagues across the whole organisation.

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