The Importance of Making a Will & Powers of Attorney


Consultant Solicitor

Wed 13 May 2020 The Importance of Making a Will & Powers of Attorney

In the current climate, I have seen an increase in people wanting to update or for me to draft their wills.

There are good reasons for doing so:

Wills are not expensive. You can buy a template online. However, I would always recommend that you have your will professionally drafted by a qualified solicitor. Will drafting is a complex process. It must align with the legal rules and be drafted to avoid any ambiguity. If the will is contested following your death, this could be detrimental to the beneficiaries named in the will. Fees for this type of work are inexpensive and there is the added benefit of insurance. This takes care of matters after death.

What happens if we are unable to make decisions for ourselves when we are alive? We may lose mental capacity. This is where “Powers of Attorney” come to our aid. We can appoint other people to take care of us.

There are two types of legal Powers of Attorney:

You can opt for one or both.

Again, powers of attorney are relatively inexpensive to have professionally prepared.

So, to be belt and braces without breaking the bank, you might like to think about getting your affairs in order, before as well as after, crossing the mortal line.

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