Legal Q2 2020 Star Award Winner - Charlotte Osborne

Mon 17 August 2020 Legal Q2 2020 Star Award Winner - Charlotte Osborne

Well done to Charlotte Osborne who has won our Legal Star in the 2020 Star Awards Programme.

Charlotte is the Head of Residential Conveyancing for both our Bishop’s Stortford and Hertford branches and has been with the firm since November last year. She had qualified as a conveyancer in 2016 and has had over 10 years of experience working in the property market. Charlotte specialises in all residential conveyancing transactions and especially enjoys working with new build and shared ownership matters

After the news that she had won the Legal Star Award, Charlotte said she felt “surprised but very proud of the work I have achieved during lockdown.” When asked about the most enjoyable aspect of her role, her response was “working closely with my team to achieve good results and service.” 

Charlotte had initially begun her journey working within our Moorgate branch and quickly progressed moving to our Bishop’s Stortford office due to her fantastic business development skills. She explained how Taylor Rose TTKW had assisted in her development saying “I have become more confident in my ability and management skills. I have been given the opportunity to manage Bishop’s Stortford and have already seen great results.” These results have been recognised across the amazing reviews received for Charlottes outstanding work.


 When asked about the challenges of her role, Charlotte had responded “the challenging part of my role has been trying to meet expectations during a difficult period during lockdown whilst keeping my team’s spirits high.” A challenge which of course was overcome as clients described the positive impact the firm had on them during lockdown.

Charlotte says she enjoys most “the team spirit and the good opportunities the firm has offered” her and tributes her success to “dreaming big and always saying yes to every opportunity”. She reminds us to “also work hard as you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.”

About Charlotte outside of work 

Charlotte was born in Colchester in Essex and names her Husband Sam and Layla her Goldendoodle as the most important people in her life.

In her spare time, you will find Charlotte spending time with her family and doing Yoga though her guilty pleasure is to enjoy the “odd glass of wine”. She has named Costa Rica as her favourite travel destination as this was where herself and her husband had spent their honeymoon, she says they “spent two weeks on a beach and by the rainforest.” 

The star awards programme had been implemented to show our appreciation to all staff and give recognition to those individuals who frequently go above and beyond in their roles and within the business. Our Legal Star is selected through positive client reviews and feedback and through her time here Charlotte has continually received a vast amount of positive reviews from her clients.

We are incredibly grateful for Charlottes hard work since she has joined Taylor Rose TTKW and would like to congratulate her on winning our Q2 Legal Star Award.

Looking for a conveyancer?
Contact Charlotte on 020 3963 7333 or click the contact us button to email her directly.






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