Corporate Q1 2021 Director Award Winner – Maggie Bowden



Fri 25 June 2021 Corporate Q1 2021 Director Award Winner – Maggie Bowden

Congratulations to Maggie Bowden who has won our Corporate Legal Director Award for Q1 2021!

Maggie is our Archive Manager based within our Peterborough office. Maggie has an expertise in archive administration and works on archiving files which includes organising, quality checks, recording and closing matters. She has been with the firm for 3 years.

When finding out she had won the Q1 Corporate Director Award, she said: “I am a little shy of attention, but it was lovely to receive the recognition.”

“I am grateful to my team and colleagues across the organisation that have supported my ideas and worked with me in the development of the archiving department.”


Maggie said that the most enjoyable aspect of her job is, “being organised and process driven, which helps me to effectively support other departments with their archiving needs.”

Maggie was nominated by her colleagues for the Q1 Director Award. As not only has her confidence grown since joining the firm but so has her ability within her field of archiving.

When asked about challenges Maggie faces within her role, she said: “Archiving can be repetitive, so I like to organise the day in a manner that allows variety across the different types of archiving we are responsible for, whilst allowing priority to essential tasks.

"We are a process driven department, following procedures and targets aids in concentration and gives us clear goals to achieve daily requirements.”

“My goal is to be seen as a reliable and supportive team for all staff. I like to look ahead to see what I can do to make the department more effective in this, always keeping in mind any future possible changes. This means I regularly review our practises so that we can adjust our procedures in order to meet the needs of any new business into the department with ease,” she continued.

The growth of the department has given me a challenge, which has helped me develop greater confidence in my abilities to oversee a team and ensure smart working practises. Encouragement from Annemarie and having a supportive and adaptive team has been invaluable in this.”

At Taylor Rose MW, we have four values: aspiration, integrity, innovation and commitment. Maggie said: “Innovation is the one that resonates with me the most. Being able to see the bigger picture and not only forecast industry changes but being adaptive and open to those changes.”

One thing Maggie would suggest as a tip for her colleagues is to “learn how other departments operate and be open to ideas and suggestions from others. This can help you provide support and understanding along with developing good working relationships.”

Maggie outside of work

Maggie was born in London and says her family are the most important people in her life.

Outside of work, you will find Maggie spending time crafting. She loves working with wire and her signature pieces are dragonfly suncatchers.

She is most looking forward to visiting family and friends now restrictions are slowly being lifted.

Maggie said her guilty pleasure is, “re-watching the Harry Potter films." 

Her music taste is varied and when picking her favourites, it does depend on her mood. Maggie did name Simon and Garfunkel as one of her favourites as they remind her of her childhood.

As well as discussing her music taste, she listed The Eldering series by Robin Hobb as her favourite books, as it incorporates a rich history plus it has magic and dragons.

She also said a tv series that she has enjoyed is, “the sci-fi series Fringe.”

When asked one fun fact about herself, Maggie said, “I have a Horticultural Diploma.”

Once again, we would like to congratulate Maggie on her Corporate Director Award!



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