An Overview of Interlink Recruitment's Q&A with Adrian Jaggard

Tue 27 July 2021 An Overview of Interlink Recruitment's Q&A with Adrian Jaggard

Taylor Rose MW has recently reached a headcount of over 1000 through a combination of our consultancy program, the acquisition of MW Solicitors and a strong recruitment drive. This reflects our determination to succeed and provide great services for our clients.

Our CEO, Adrian Jaggard recently completed a Q&A with Interlink Recruitment.

He discussed the philosophy, structure, and success of Taylor Rose MW. This included the aspects of which have allowed us to thrive throughout the pandemic and how we have seen such substantial growth.

The Values of Taylor Rose MW

Taylor Rose MW is a top 75 independent law firm operating nationwide.

One of the factors which has led to this success are our core values. These are “aspiration, innovation, integrity and commitment” and are found in everything we do.

Our CEO identifies our values as “aspiration, innovation, integrity and commitment.” Our values have remained consistent within the firm throughout our journey and will remain with us as we continue to grow.

Adrian states as a firm we “understand that our strategy and success must flow from our values.” By showing that these values all align with the great service we provide to our clients on a daily basis.

They also encompass our philosophy of a smart modern law firm. We are constantly developing and ensuring we are using dynamic forward thinking to remain the best at what we do.

Taylor Rose MW is continually seeking to improve and adapt as the legal environment changes. This means that our values are crucial to our development.

The Business Model of Taylor Rose MW

The modern nature of our firm is also reflected in our business model, as we also operate a Consultancy Model.

This is usually a disruptive model for law firms, as addressing the demand of lawyers to not only consultants to increase their income but also allows greater flexibility. This allows us to react to unexpected hurdles and challenges in life and business more effectively.

Therefore, our Consultancy Model allows us to be an inclusive business in a fast-paced environment.

Adrian comments, “we are fortunate that as a firm we had already invested the resources needed to work from home”. Having the tools to work from home available and in place before the pandemic allowed us to make the transition to remote working much quicker for our lawyers.

However, the transition has been a great change for everyone in the legal industry. Adrian praises all our employees who have, “adapted so quickly to the new climate”.

In the Q&A we go into great depth about the model we use and how we see law firms operating in the future. This is as a result of the pandemic and increased demand to have the option of home working.

Adrian offers many further insights including: 

                           Read the full Q&A here  




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