Legal Q2 2021 Director Award Winner - Malina Gupta

Mon 18 October 2021 Legal Q2 2021  Director Award Winner - Malina Gupta

Congratulations to Malina Gupta who has won our Legal Directors Award for Q2 2021!

Malina is a Partner who works within our Wills, Trusts & Probate department and is based at our Hertford office. Malina started her journey at Breeze and Wyles which merged with Taylor Rose in 2018, where she started as a Trainee Solicitor to later qualify in 2002.

“I have just had my 19-year work anniversary and that makes me feel really old,” Malina commented.

When finding out she had won the Q2 Legal Directors Award, she said: “It’s a lovely feeling to be recognised in a firm this size, especially after such a challenging 18 months but it’s a team effort. Donna and Jacqui provide all my administrative support and their contribution is equally important.”


Malina said the most enjoyable aspect of her role is, “interacting with our clients and taking them through the legal process in a way that they feel reassured and comfortable.”

“No-one wants to think about death and planning for what happens afterwards. Dealing with a bereavement is an exceptionally difficult time for people so I try to deal with the situation with sensitivity and care.”

“I am sure that most Solicitors will agree that the role can be demanding because the workday is so unpredictable. We have to be flexible because clients often contact us with urgent problems that require our help or advice,” Malina said when asked about challenges in her role.

“If someone has just lost a loved one, they need patience and understanding but also someone that will take the immediate stress away. No matter what I have planned for that day, in the moment that someone calls to start the legal process, I give them my time to answer initial questions and guide them through the next steps because they will usually be feeling overwhelmed and anxious.”

Malina’s key to success is that she has always worked hard and been 100% committed to her legal career.

One tip she would like to share with colleagues is that she likes to, “treat clients and prospective clients with empathy and build relationships, the fees are secondary.”

“If clients feel that they are getting a good job for a fair price, then the business will inevitably grow by recommendation. A recommendation is the nicest compliment and recognition of a job well done.”

At Taylor Rose MW, we have four values: aspiration, integrity, innovation, and commitment. Malina said, “Integrity is at the very heart of being a lawyer. We deal with sensitive information and clients entrust us to deal with matters which involve their life’s savings, so we must be trustworthy in every aspect.”

“My entire legal career has been with one firm, so loyalty is very important to me. I have always worked with people that inspire and motivate me. I have always enjoyed my job and have had the opportunity to progress within the business and learn new skills by working in various departments and taking on different responsibilities.”

“I am very committed to my job but that’s because I genuinely love it.”

Malina Outside of Work

Malina was born in Wembley, London and names her family as the most important aspect of her life.

She said: “Work can be very consuming and stressful, so I value the people around me that know when I need a cuddle, something stupid to laugh at, or another glass of wine!”

One fun fact that she has shared with us is that she “has a client who is 88 years old and we send each other cards every now and again with something funny for no particular reason other than to make each other smile. She always sends me the rudest jokes.”

Outside of Work Malina “loves skiing” and tries to get away for at least one winter holiday on the slopes. She loves “the adrenalin rush of speed coupled with the risk of a spectacular fall!”.

Now that restrictions are being lifted, Malina is most looking forward to “hugs and holidays!”

She added, “I am still quite paranoid about covid, more so because I deal with elderly and vulnerable clients so it has been a challenging period. I am hoping that a booster vaccine and 2022 will bring happier times ahead of us all.”

Malina named “a large glass of wine at the end of a busy week” as her guilty pleasure.

She questioned whether her music taste was embarrassing because she “still loves listening to the same RnB anthems from 20 years ago” and “anything by Ed Sheeran”. Malina added that she “can never get bored of Friends” when asked about her favourite TV Show and her favourite author as Sophie Kinsella as she always makes Malina laugh out loud.

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Malina once more on her achievement.



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