Corporate Q3 2021 Director Award Winner - Michelle Stephen

Wed 22 December 2021 Corporate Q3 2021 Director Award Winner - Michelle Stephen

Congratulations to Michelle Stephen who has won our Corporate Director Award for Q3 2021!

Michelle is a Legal Secretary within our Wills, Trust & Probate Department based in Sevenoaks. She assists with administration on client matters and will retrieval enquiries.  Michelle has been with the firm for 7 years.

When finding out she won the Q3 Corporate Directors Award, she said: “I was absolutely shocked, I had no idea that I had been nominated. After the shock it felt really nice that my hard work had been appreciated.”

The most enjoyable aspect of her role is “having varied tasks and always being busy.”

When discussing the what she finds challenging in her role, Michelle said: “On the Will retrieval side of things it can be more difficult to locate where they are stored and clients can become impatient. To overcome this I find the most important thing is client contact, the best way forward is to keep them updated.”

Michelle’s key to success is “organisation and communication.”


At Taylor Rose MW, we have four values: aspiration, integrity, innovation and commitment. Michelle said, “Commitment is the most important value to me, as I feel that I am committed to carry out a role within the organisation and will always do it to the best of my ability.”

When asked how Taylor Rose has helped her, she said: “The organisation has helped me personally by allowing hybrid working, it has given me a much better work/life balance with more flexibility.”

“Taylor Rose MW has also helped in my career by progressing my secretarial role and adding to my duties. Initially my role was as a Legal Secretary then I was given the Will retrieval job as well which may not sound it but it is very time consuming and quite an important role.”

She continued: “I am also Branch Liaison and I am very busy which means I need to be very organised and it has helped me gain more confidence.”

Michelle Outside of Work

Michelle was born in Dartford, Kent and says her family are the most important people in her life.

Outside of work, Michelle enjoys running. “I started the Couch to 5K at the beginning of lockdown and now I’ve reached 14K.”

She continued: “It’s getting to the point of boring people when I keep sharing my latest run.”

One fun fact that she has shared with us is that she went paragliding off a mountain in Turkey.

Now restrictions have been lifted, Michelle is looking forward to “going on holiday abroad, preferably Thailand or Mexico, it’s been a long wait!”

Her guilty pleasure is “cheese, crackers and a glass of wine.”

Michelle names her favourite authors at the moment as “Sue Watson, JoJo Moyes and Martina Cole.”  Along with “Bridget Jones and Grease” being her favourite films. Lastly, her favourite travel destination is “turkey” but she is hoping it will be Thailand soon.



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