Corporate Q4 2021 Director Award Winner - Julia Stygal

Wed 27 April 2022 Corporate Q4 2021 Director Award Winner - Julia Stygal

Congratulations to Julia Stygal who has won our Corporate Directors Award for Q4 2021!

Julia is a Business Systems Training and Delivery Manager within our HR department and based at our Reigate office. She has been with the firm for over 6 years.

I was previously a Conveyancer with a keen interest in business analysis, IT and systems,” she said when asked about her area of expertise.

When finding out she won the Q4 Corporate Directors Award, she was: “shocked and then honoured. I didn’t even know I’d been nominated. Even now I’m still speechless.”

The most enjoyable aspect of her role is,” Learning new things about the system everyday and passing on the knowledge to the users to make their lives easier.”

She continued discussing the most challenging aspects and said, “changes to the system are happening quickly and we need to ensure that not only are our guides on the Training Hub always up to date but that the training team know and understnad the changes as well."

"We are working closesly with the development team so that we can have previews of changes with time for the team to then share the knowledge within the team before rolling out training to the wider user."

Julia’s key to success is believing in herself.

When discussing how the organisation has helped her, she said: “I wanted to move away from conveyancing as I had been in that discipline for over 10 years and simply had enough. The firm gave me the opportunity to move into my current role. Even though I’ve only been doing it for a couple of months I am happier and feel I have already made a difference.”

At Taylor Rose MW, we have four values: aspiration, integrity, innovation and commitment. Julia said, “I think each of them are equally important in a different way. You can’t have one without the other in my view, so to have integrity you need to commit to things and to bring innovation, you need high aspirations.”

When asked one tip she would share with her colleagues, it is to “not delete the Tuesday Training Tip Emails as you never know, you might find them useful.”

Julia Outside of Work

Julia was born at St Helier Hospital in Sutton and names her family and friends as the most important people in her life.

One fun fact that she has shared with us is that “she’s been a Crystal Palace season ticket holder for over 20 years and still sit three rows in front of her dad even though there was an opportunity to move next to him a few years ago.” 

Outside of work, Julia likes running and having  started in lockdown. She completed her first marathon on 10th April in Brighton. Before this she said it would be her only marathon but she has already signed up for Manchester 2023!

As restrictions have now been lifted, Julia is looking forward to her cancelled theatre and music  shows being re-booked and being able to see all friends and family again without sitting a couple of metres away.

Her guilty pleasure is, “reality TV, 80s music, and Lego games on the Nintendo Switch.”

Julia names “Cool Runnings” as her favourite film as “it makes her smile and cry every time she watches it.” She added that “The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman” is her favourite book as “it’s been so long since she read a physical book and listens to audio books on her runs and when away she uses her kindle so it was great to read an actual book that she couldn’t put down.” Her favourite music is “anything from the 80s and musical soundtracks including The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. Lastly her favourite place is the Isle of Wight as “she used to go as a child and it’s so laid back and relaxing.”



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