Meta Panchamia Becomes Head of Civil Litigation


Head of Civil Litigation & Group Litigation

Fri 10 March 2023 Meta Panchamia Becomes Head of Civil Litigation

Taylor Rose MW is delighted to announce Meta Panchamia as our newly appointed Head of Civil Litigation.

Meta Panchamia joined Mcmillan Williams in November 2015 prior to its consolidation with Taylor Rose TTKW. She joined at a time when the Commercial Litigation and Insolvency teams did not exist within the firm and so took it upon herself to help develop the team through supporting and guiding internal trainees.

Meta was supported by two other Solicitors, Catherine Povey and Martha Maliszewksi. Both who she describes as “competent, diligent, and hardworking”.

Under the guise of Taylor Rose MW, the team has now expanded to a total of nine. Amongst the three experts, they have been joined recently by two solicitors. The team is also comprised of two SQE trainees, a paralegal and an excellent support secretary.

Meta thoroughly enjoys teaching and mentoring and strives to encourage her team to continuously grow, find their own grounding and to always perform well.

Here’s what Meta had to say about her journey with Taylor Rose MW, “So far the journey, whilst having been challenging, has taken me to the next level in my career. I don’t get up on a Monday morning to simply work a mundane, repetitive job. Instead, I wake up feeling lucky as I really do enjoy the work I do.”

She continues, “I enjoy the variety of complex work I do, the ability to be able to continue to train and enhance others performance from what I have learnt. I am very much looking forward to working with the wider team to share experiences and help to develop and grow the other departments where I can. “


Q: How does it feel to be appointed to head of civil litigation?

Commenting, Meta said, “I am super excited to have been given the opportunity to do this role and feel very enthused! The big challenge for me will be to keep track of my own case load and to ensure my own department is looked after but yet to also ensure the Civil Department runs well.

If I can make a difference in helping the department with the skills I have developed over time, then that will be an achievement. I consider that I have an excellent set of partners heading their respective teams, who are very well experienced in their areas. I hope to be able to work with them, to grow their departments.”

Q: What do you like most about your role in the firm?

“I love to be able to share ideas, be that with junior or seniors’ colleagues. It’s a great feeling to be able to teach junior colleagues and to help them develop but to also understand that not everyone is the same and that is a challenge in itself. I also like solving problems on complex cases and assisting colleagues to find a solution on difficult matters arising internally. I get great satisfaction out of helping and seeing others develop and grow.”

Q: What do you find most challenging about your role?

Meta finds the juggling of different hats the most challenging part about her role. Often, she finds herself having to pause her own jobs to help resolve other issues. She tries to ensure that her team is not waiting for her and if she is not going to be contactable for a few hours they have systems in place in case something urgent comes up. She comments, “it has worked so far but is not easy”.  

Q: What’s your key to success?

Meta’s key to success is “hard work, having learnt, (which has not been easy), delegate where possible, working to a good profit margin, ensuring there is enough work coming in for the team, communication and getting on with my colleagues.”

Outside of Work

Meta was born in Jinja, Uganda. Her family was expelled in 1972 and subsequently, her parents came to the UK as her father had business here, so he knew the country quite well.

Meta names her husband and her three wonderful cats along with the rest of her rather large family as the most important people in her life.

Meta thoroughly enjoys being outside and in particular likes to get out and go on walks. She also loves to cook and claims she’s pretty good at it, she enjoys entertaining her friends and family at dinner parties. Meta loves to spend time with her cats and loves animals.

Alongside her day-job, Meta has been involved in some charity work in India. Herself and her husband sponsor two children in an orphanage which is situated in a remote place outside Mumbai. She got to visit recently and is very excited as they are now looking to send the two kids to a boarding school to better their education and improve their quality of life. Meta stated that they “intend to help the orphanage generally too where we can and keep in close contact. This is a small ongoing project I will be working on outside of work.”

Q: What is one fun fact about yourself?

Meta claims she is young at heart and probably doesn’t always behave her age at home.

She comments, “In fact my husband often questions how I am a lawyer and whether in fact I am! When work is done, I can quite easily switch off from work mode – which I guess some may say is quite fortunate!”

We’d like to congratulate Meta on her recent appointment. We are looking forward to seeing the development of the Civil Litigation team and wish you the best of luck as you begin your new role at Taylor Rose MW.

If you’d like to contact Meta regarding the services she provides, please click the ‘contact us’ button to email her directly.

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