Consultant Solicitor

Location(s): London Bridge

Phone: 020 3551 8368

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Ravi qualified as a solicitor in 2004 and has been working in property transactions ever since, having expertise in both Residential and Commercial transactions. Worked with many firms as a junior solicitor to Managing Partner. Worked for many high profile clients like The British  professional Boxing Champion Mr Audley Harrison,  Ravi acted for many Bollywood Celebrities, he was standing council for the West London Mosque   Association, acted for local Gurudwaras (Sikh Temples) he is  Chairman of Local Hindu Temple (Laxmi Narayan Temple in Hounslow) on an occasion during religious meetings met the Archbishop of Canterbury Mr Justin Welby, Ravi works very closely with all the Asian Communities and acted for most of the Mayors and Councillors in London Borough of Hounslow and Ealing. Ravi advised to the team of His Highness King of Qatar, acted for the Finance Director of Reliance. Ravi loves travelling, particularly on Cruises, playing Golf and watching movies.


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