Corporate Q4 2020 Star Award Winner - Michaela Doyle



Tue 23 February 2021 Corporate Q4 2020 Star Award Winner - Michaela Doyle

Congratulations to Michaela Doyle who has won our Corporate Legal Star Award for Q4 2020!

Michaela is a Paralegal within our Corporate team based in the London Moorgate Office. Michaela assists on a range of commercial matters including mergers and acquisitions. She has been with the firm for 2 years and 5 months.

When finding out she had won the Q4 Corporate Star, she said: “I was very shocked and overwhelmed.”

“It was really lovely to know my work had been noticed and appreciated.”

Michaela said that the most enjoyable aspect of her job was that, “almost every day brings something new whether that is a new dispute which has arisen or potential acquisition which is getting started.”

“I enjoy supporting and working closely with the senior members of our team which allows me to develop my own skills but at my own pace.”


She continued: “I am also able to offer support to clients through incredibly stressful processes for them which is very rewarding.”

Michaela was awarded with the Q4 Corporate Star after a number of nominations from her colleagues which discussed her willingness to go over and above tasks that she is set, as well as her incredible work ethic.

The nominations spoke of Michaela being very supportive to colleagues and helping with the work load when colleagues are away. The quality of Michaela’s work was described as excellent, as was trust in her ability.

“When I first joined the firm, I was unsure what path I was going to take due to my health and this being my first full time role,” she said when speaking about her career development.

“I started as a secretary and did not believe I would be able to go much further and progress. However, members of the team encouraged and supported me to continue my journey and embark on gaining the qualifications to hopefully become a solicitor one day.”

Michaela said that the thing she enjoys the most about working at Taylor Rose MW is, “the members of staff I work with have always been welcoming and always included me as part of the team. It is nice to know I work in an environment which is inclusive whether that is at senior level or entry level.”

One thing Michaela would suggest as a tip  for her colleagues is to "always be kind, if you appreciate the work that someone does, tell them! It will only ever encourage that person to work harder."

The most challenging aspect of her job is that “it is sometimes difficult to balance the workload and meeting client expectations whilst delivering excellent service.”

“I have learnt that the best way through these challenging times is to work together as a team.”

She describes her key to success as never giving up even on the days which seem impossible.

Michaela Outside of Work

Michaela was born in London and names her partner, Adam, Mum Louise, her three step-sisters, Aaliyah, Saara, Amelia and her Dad, Joe as the most important people in her life.

Outside of work you will find Michaela spending time with her family, keeping up to date with ongoing trends and reading fashion blogs.

Her favourite travel destination is Ireland, as its where she is originally from and she always feels relaxed and at peace when she is there.

“My plan was to go to Dominican Republic in July but who knows if that will happen with the Covid-19 pandemic still in full force,” Michaela said when asked about her next travel destination.

When asked about her guilty pleasure, Michaela said, “following celebrity gossip.”

Her favourite music is “old school, I really love listening to Michael Jackson as well.”

As well as discussing her favourite music, she listed Titanic and Avatar as her favourite films.

Michaela has started to re-watch Line of Duty which she describes as “brilliant”. She also just finished watching It’s a Sin which she said was “incredibly moving”.

When asked one thing that no one knows about her, “when I was a teenager, I became a black belt in karate.”

Once again, we would like to congratulate Michaela on her Corporate Star Award!

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