Tue 12 December 2017

I don’t need to tell you what Continuous Improvement means. It says it right there on the tin. Google it too - it seems like it’s the new must-have role in any forward thinking organisation.

But what does it mean to Taylor Rose TTKW? My role is wide-reaching, my full job title unwieldy and clinical, but ultimately my purpose boils down to three words: Make us better. A better firm to do business with, a better firm to work for.

How does one even start? It begins with the recognition that change is inevitable. It’s often scary and the outcome uncertain, but if done properly its cathartic. We cast off the old, preconceived ideas and methods that once worked but are now holding us back, re-evaluate ourselves in the cold competitive light of today, anticipate what’s around the corner for tomorrow, and then put on our big boy pants and go for it.

By its very nature, change is disruptive. It shakes us loose from the ties that bind and makes room for growth.

Ironically, the only constant is change. From evolution in nature, to evolution in business and evolution in customer’s attitudes and needs. The law itself changes little in fundamentals and lawyers are often criticised for valuing fees, rules and ancient practices over customers and service. But even lawyers must change. At Taylor Rose TTKW, the most important question we must ask of ourselves is Why? Why do we do it this way? Question, challenge, innovate.

The requirements and expectations of customers and employees even as recently as five years ago differ wildly from their modern counterparts. Everyone is busy. There is more importance on maximising one’s quality time. Our clients shouldn’t have to jump through hoops. The days of endless form filling and paperwork must come to an end. Work smarter, not harder.

How we do it, well that’s up to us. Do we look at what the firm down the road is doing? We could, for sure, it works for them, right? But what works for them won’t necessarily work for us. And let’s not pretend this isn’t a business too. We won’t get ahead by being the same as everyone else.

Hybrid mail, electronic signing, digitised documents, machine learning and robotic automated processing - that’s some of the big headline-grabbing stuff we’re working on and have started to implement. What is often mistakenly considered to be the ‘little stuff’ counts too but has a bigger impact - building relationships with your customers that are genuine, asking them what they want to see in our service, acting on their feedback. Removing friction from every step of the process so that it’s not a transaction, it’s a service which benefits both parties. Holding forums with staff; what do they want from their employer, how we can help them to become better?

Then what? We let the changes bed in, evaluate and learn. What did we do right? What could we have done better? And the cycle begins again. Because the only constant is change.



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