Taylor Rose TTKW Charity Walk

Mon 23 July 2018 Taylor Rose TTKW Charity Walk

16 Walkers | 27 Miles | One Charity

Over 11 hours on 21 July 2018 our intrepid walkers braved intense heat, sore feet and aching limbs to walk 27 miles on Peterborough's Green Wheel to raise awareness and funds for Taylor Rose TTKW's charity of the year Little Miracles Charity​.

Big shout out goes to our awesome Social and Charity Committee, especially Helen Townsend, who came up with the mad cap idea, and her husband Paul Townsend for planning and scouting out the route and being mentor and leader to our walking team.

Well done to everyone who participated - we know who much training you did and how hard it was on the day. And thanks to Danny Blackwell who provided much needed support throughout with refreshment stops along the route. 

So far we have raised over £2400 which we will add to the amazing £20000 that has so far been donated to our amazing charity. 

We are still accepting donations - please to go

Before we say goodbye to Little Miracles and start raising funds elsewhere we have two final events we'd like you to be involved in. The Magic of the Musicals at Peterborough's Key Theatre is on the 1st September but seats are selling fast the Little Miracles Once Upon A Time Ball tickets are available at peterborough/elton-furze-golf-club/little-miracles-once-upon-a-time-ball




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